Building a New Account: Efficiency and Best Practices

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There are new players joining Iron Throne on a daily basis. Additionally, some older players may want to reinvent themselves in one of the new Kingdoms, or just have a second account. However, starting a new account from scratch can be daunting. Today we will look at some ways to help grow your new baby both quickly and efficiently.

Join an Alliance with good alliance research

As soon as you can, join an Alliance to get helps on your Building and Research. Joining an Alliance with Helping Hand and Professional Help maxed out is hugely beneficial. These Alliance Researches increase both the number of helps you will receive on your research or construction, and the amount of time needed to complete.

Having a hard time finding an Alliance? Join the Elite team on LINE or Discord and meet hundreds of other players in the game! Keep in mind that you have to change Kingdoms before you reach C6 and within 72 hours of account creation (if you want to move Kingdoms).


You want to build the early levels relatively quickly, as you open different modes that will help you progress as you level up your Castle. Shooting for Castle 20 is a good goal. You can then utilize Dimensional Battle, Town Mode, Battle Royale, Deathmatch, and the HIGHLY important…Golden Moon. How are these helpful? Let’s take a look.

Dimensional Battle

This can be accessed at C5. Beating these nodes gives lots of goodies, including building materials and Hero XP. This is also important as Dimensional Battle allows you to level up your Heroes Passive World Skills which are helpful as you grow larger.

Town Mode

Town Mode opens at C8. There are many beneficial items to pick up in this area. A full list can be found in our Town Mode article. Additionally, this is where you set your boosts for the day. Focus on the day’s events. If it’s Monster day, set them to Hero Attack. Once you have passed each node once, the Daily Nodes can be finished each day using food. Finish at least enough to set your Daily Boosts, although with food being the determining factor now (it used to be Silver), it really should be a non-issue to complete them all and take advantage of the free loot.

You want to be sure you are taking advantage of Town Mode daily, especially in the early days of building your new account.

Golden Moon

Once you hit Castle 20, you need to be camping in the Golden Moon around the clock. Hit a Sanctuary and go about your day. You don’t have to stay on the Golden Moon screen, you can go back to your Castle and do other things. However, by occupying a Sanctuary there, you are given rewards which include items for building as well as Gear chests. This is an easy way to accumulate materials.

Golden Moon 1.jpg


When you first start your account you won’t have research gears. You have two options here; buy them or grind them out. If you are grinding, it’s advantageous to stick with the lower level research until you have a solid set of Sagacious Gear, otherwise, you’ll be using a lot of speedups. It’s important to note that the new Growth Mission for obtaining C23 is a full set of Sagacious Gear. Start with City research to help your Economic buffs. You also will want a steady start on Crafting so that you can enhance your Gear, as we will discuss next.


Gear is exceedingly important for your new account, and not even only for battle. In the account I just started in K51, I purchased one Slaughter/Majestic pack for $19.99. Why? From that pack, I was able to craft a decent set of slightly enhanced gear with which to hit Monsters and Chaotic Strongholds. It is important to be able to take down Level 21 Monsters plus to grind your gear sets. So I bought gear to grind gear. Sound counterintuitive? It worked! Take advantage of Monster Killing Events that happen occasionally to really get your gear boosted, as well as the monthly Crafting day where the speeds are free! Otherwise, it takes a very long time to grind a decent set through Infernos and events.


Everyone loves Pets, even if they aren’t all sweet and snuggly. There are Pets for many different buffs, some pertaining to Economics, some to World (like Monster Hunting), and others to Combat. Collect and level up as many Pets as possible! You get free Pets daily from Daily Check-in, Free pack, random drops from Monsters and Events.

Once you have your pets, make sure you equip them on the correct Hero. Your Construction pet isn’t going to do you any good attached to your Research Hero.


The following Pets are useful for early on in growing an account. Obviously the higher tier Pets have more benefit, but those are harder to get and generally require purchasing a Pet Pack to obtain them.

Dire Wolf

Base Stats:

Hunting March Speed: 51% +5 Stats:

Hunting March Speed: 60.69% +10 Stats:

Hunting March Speed: 79.56% +15 Stats:

Hunting March Speed: 112.20%


Base Stats:

Equipment Crafting Speed: 51% +5 Stats:

Equipment Crafting Speed: 60.69% +10 Stats:

Equipment Crafting Speed: 79.56% +15 Stats:

Equipment Crafting Speed: 112.20%


Base Stats:

Research Speed: 75% +5 Stats:

Research Speed: 89.25% +10 Stats:

Research Speed: 117% +15 Stats:

Research Speed: 165%

Black Unicorn

Base Stats:

Construction Speed: 75% +5 Stats:

Construction Speed: 89.25% +10 Stats:

Construction Speed: 117% +15 Stats:

Construction Speed: 165%

Ice Troll

Base Stats:

Hero Basic Attack: +1,000 Hero Basic Defense: +300 Hero Basic HP: +5,000 +5 Stats:

Hero Basic Attack: +1,190 Hero Basic Defense: +357 Hero Basic HP: +5,950 +10 Stats:

Hero Basic Attack: +1,560 Hero Basic Defense: +468 Hero Basic HP: +7,800 +15 Stats:

Hero Basic Attack: +2,200 Hero Basic Defense: +660 Hero Basic HP: +11,000

Lava Golem

Base Stats:

Construction Speed: 99% Decreased Construction Time: -2 days, 8 hours Research Speed: 99% Decreased Research Time: -2 days, 8 hours +5 Stats:

Construction Speed: 117.81% Decreased Construction Time: -2 days, 18:38 hours Research Speed: 117.81% Decreased Research Time: -2 days, 8:38 hours +10 Stats:

Construction Speed: 154.44% Decreased Construction Time: -3 days, 15:21 hours Research Speed: 154.44% Decreased Research Time: -3 days, 15:21 hours +15 Stats:

Construction Speed: 217.80% Decreased Construction Time: -5 days, 3:12 hours Research Speed: 217.80% Decreased Research Time: -5 days, 3:12 hours

Winter Tiger

Base Stats:

Castle March Speed: 51% Hero Basic Attack: +1,020 Additional Damage in Raid: 99% Hunting March Speed: 51% +5 Stats:

Castle March Speed: 60.69% Hero Basic Attack: +1,213 Additional Damage in Raid: 117.81% Hunting March Speed: 60.69% +10 Stats:

Castle March Speed: 79.56% Hero Basic Attack: +1,591 Additional Damage in Raid: 154.44% Hunting March Speed: 79.56% +15 Stats:

Castle March Speed: 112.2% Hero Basic Attack: +2,244 Additional Damage in Raid: 217.8% Hunting March Speed: 112.2%

Forsaken Frost

Base Stats:

Equipment Crafting Speed: 60% Equipment Crafting Time Decrease: -16 hours Trap Production Speed: 60% Trap Production Cost: -3% Trap Capacity: 100% +5 Stats

Equipment Crafting Speed: 71.4%% Equipment Crafting Time Decrease: -19:02 hours Trap Production Speed: 71.4% Trap Production Cost: -3.57% Trap Capacity: 119% +10 Stats:

Equipment Crafting Speed: 93.6% Equipment Crafting Time Decrease: -1D 57:36 hours Trap Production Speed: 93.6% Trap Production Cost: -4.68% Trap Capacity: 156% +15 Stats:

Equipment Crafting Speed: 132% Equipment Crafting Time Decrease: -1D 11:12 hours Trap Production Speed: 132% Trap Production Cost: -6.6% Trap Capacity: 220%


Last but not least, unless you’re a big spender you’re going to have to grind. But this can be fun and rewarding!

  • Focus your work on the daily buffs and the hourly infernos.
  • Always be sitting in the Golden Moon.
  • Play every Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch you can.
  • Kill Monsters and Chaotic Strongholds.
  • Complete all the Growth Strategy Events in the Event Center (and any other event).
  • Use Gold earned to increase VIP Level.
  • Buy Daily Quest refreshes in the Alliance Shop and use them earn Lord XP to increase your Lord level (and always remember to have a 25% Lord XP boost running).
  • Use your three daily Tower chances, even if you have to do a level you’ve already beaten.

Make the game work for you!

Starting a new account or beginning anew can seem daunting. Strategize and prioritize your build, and take advantage of all the events that give rewards daily! Do you have any tips for new accounts? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay Informed!

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