The Best Beginner Packs to Set Your Base Up for Success

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Upon downloading Iron Throne for the first time, players will notice a large selection of packages to choose from. While some players choose to remain free to play, you may be looking to purchase in order to kick start your build.

I’ve been playing Iron Throne since Beta. Over this time I’ve learned to strategically choose the best packs to make the most of my investment. As a seasoned Iron Throne player, with accounts in both K1 and K9, often players will ask me “what packs should I buy to get started?

Since these decisions can set your base up for success, we’ve researched the best packs to get for your initial investment of $20.

Pack 1: 30-Day Daily Reward Pack

Pack 1.jpg

The first pack you should purchase is the 30-Day Daily Reward pack for $9.99. This pack gives a constant stream of Gold, Speed Ups, Auto Hunt, Lord AP Potion and RSS. Broken down you receive the following amounts Daily;

  • 5,400 Gold
  • 8 1-Hour Speed Ups
  • 8 3-Hour Speed Ups
  • 8 8-Hour Speeds Ups
  • 8 24-Hour Speed Ups
  • 1 Auto Hunt (1 hour)
  • 1 100 Lords AP Potion
  • 5 6,000,000 Food
  • 8 1,500,00 Food
  • 8 1,500,000 Stones
  • 8 1,500,000 Iron
  • 8 600,000 Silver

This pack gives a steady flow of items needed to build. You should be waiting for full Alliance helps before you speed your research or buildings, so slow and steady wins the race.

Pack 2: For New Beginnings II

Early on, your focus should be on Building and Research. There is no point in training troops in the beginning stages of the game. The second pack to be purchased should be For New Beginnings II for $4.99.

Pack 2.jpg

This pack gives a chest every five levels with significant amounts of Resources and Speed Ups. You will open a chest every five levels up to C25. The amounts in the chests increase with every chest you open. If you have already passed some of the levels before buying, not to worry! You still will receive the chests. Below is an example (from Achievement Chest 15).

Pack 2 Part 2.jpg

This pack gives a significant amount of Construction Speed Ups and RSS, as well as Gold. Use these during an Inferno to maximize the benefits from it. Make sure you Alliance members are online and hitting helps.

Third Pack: Weekly Alliance Package

The last pack in your initial $20 investment should be the Weekly Alliance Package for $4.99. This pack is often overlooked, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Pack 3.jpg

Here’s what it does. It gives you 100 Alliance Quest Refreshes. Why do you want these? For two reasons.

  1. The Alliance Quests give RSS and Hero XP.
  2. They give Honor Points. These points can be redeemed in the shop for items such as Lord XP, VIP Points, Hero XP and much more. It’s one of the fastest ways to increase your Lord Level (and get more skill points).

All together, these three packages will give you a good start on your building and research in Iron Throne. Be sure to take advantage of our other beginner guides and fully explore the vast world of Iron Throne.

For more advice on spending, head to our guide 15 Packs to Gear up New Players For Success.

Do you have any tips or comments? Let us know below!