Attacking 101 for the Beginner PvP’er

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We’ve had a community request discussing how to get started with attacking in PvP! Thankfully, PrincessKat is more than happy to help!

Attacking 101

Test Hits

First things, first. When preparing to attack, it’s always good to test your numbers, theories, and troops. If you have a good Kingdom, you can always ask other players if they don’t mind taking a “Test Hit”.

The idea is to be able to get some reports to research and learn where you can make improvements. Make sure you do Test Hits with players you trust because you never know if they might be a super-powerful player who’s trying to trick you.

Utilizing Presets Before Attacking

Make sure that you have all of your Lord Skill Presets set to a specific troop type plus one for Rally Size.


After setting your Lord Skill preset, you can also have your Heroes designated to specific troop types as well. This allows you to set your corresponding Lord Skill to the specific troop type and Hero, helps you since you don’t have to keep retraining your Heroes to match what type of troops you’re going to attack with.

The idea is that you want to maximize the specific troop type bonuses from both your Lord Skills and the Hero you selected. In other words, have a Lord Skill Preset and a Hero dedicated to Infantry, one for Cavalry, one for Archers, etc…

You’ll also want to check which Auras you have to equip. Try to use an Aura that’s going to have an advantage against your enemy’s troops. However, if you don’t know what kind of troops they have when you’re attacking, a Mighty Aura or an Aura that’s corresponding to the troops you’re attacking with.

Finally, you’d want to check your buffs and debuffs and make sure you start adding all the bonuses you can gain.

Once you’re ready, you can attack someone and read the reports. During events, you’ll want to net-gain points positive, but during non-event times, you can also look at the reports and see which areas you might need to improve for your next attack.

Make sure to watch the video in its entirety because PrincessKat goes over the nuances not mentioned here!

Various PvP Events Once you get more comfortable with the basics of PvP, make sure to try out the various types of PvP, including:

Blood Moon


Golden Moon

True World War

Alliance Death Match


Battle Royale


Alliance War

*Phew* That’s a lot of PvP!

Make sure to check out Princess Kat’s YouTube page, and subscribe so you can watch some great videos on how to get the most out of your Iron Thone’s experience!