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Alliance Deathmatch is a favorite mode of many Players and Alliances in Iron Throne. It fosters teamwork and lets Alliances practice their skills as a group in a risk-free environment where real troops can’t be killed, and Heroes can’t be captured. A fast-paced battle, it takes skill and strategy to survive and be victorious.


"Picture of enlistment for alliance deathmatch."

Alliance Deathmatch does not automatically happen. The R4 or R5 of the Alliance must sign up the group during the 30 minute prep period before Enlistment. Once the Alliance has been signed up for Alliance Deathmatch, there is a 10-minute time frame before engagement for players to enlist. Alliances are pitted against other Alliances of similar power. Be sure you have a Guard Captain (and associated Deputies) assigned, the appropriate Lord Skill preset activated, and all desired buffs/Auras activated before the start of the match.

The Initial Fray

At the loading screen (below), you will see whether you are on the blue team or the red team. In a battle where every second counts, just knowing ahead of time which direction to look for monsters upon entry can be helpful. Blue team is to the west, and the Red team is to the East.

"Picture of initial fray for alliance deathmatch."

Immediately send all your Heroes out to hit Monsters. You want to at least hit the 300k reward level before shields drop. Note that it takes less CP to kill Monsters in Alliance Deathmatch, so you may be able to kill monsters that you wouldn’t be able to in the “real world”. Also, this means that your small Heroes can do some work picking up extra points from the lower-level monsters.

"Picture of initial fray for alliance deathmatch."

When a player forces their Opponent into defeat, the winning Castle receives a Kill Buff Attack for one minute. This buff appears on the right side of the screen, along with the timer. The buff does not accumulate or stack. If another player is defeated during the duration of the timer, the timer will reset.

Bonus Rewards are given at intervals up to 10,000,000 points and are listed below.

Points Rewards
100,000 Premium Teleport *50
300,000 1000% Troop Attack
1,000,000 7,500,000 each Tier 5 Troop
2,000,000 1000% March Speed
4,000,000 1500% Troop Attack
6,000,000 Premium Teleport *15
8,000,000 7,500,000 each Tier 6 Troop
10,000,000 1000% March Speed

Strategies for success

  • Get your points in fast. Hit the highest-level monsters you can, or gather and at least get the second buff (300k points).
  • Post coordinates for the larger gathering piles for your biggest players to collect. They must get their T6 troops as quickly as possible.
  • On that note, don’t forget your Gathering boost!
  • Communicate! Post coords of opposing players, ask for reinforcements, call out a rally. Utilize the AC in Alliance Deathmatch.
"Picture of success for alliance deathmatch."
  • When shields drop, target players with a low ranking (meaning they may not have gotten their buffs in yet), and lower-level Castles. Some Alliances like to flip this and attack the larger Castles first before they get their buffs up. Do what works for you!
  • Pop Ancient Magic (Bravery Blade is a good one) at the 2-minute mark (when shields drop).
  • Kill Raid Monsters for the attack boost.
  • If you attack a player and they don’t burn, stop soloing them! That just gives points to the other team.
  • Rally larger players until their troop count drops, then solo.
  • Be careful with your ports. It may be fun to chase an opponent around the map, but eventually, you will run out of ports and be stuck for the remainder of the match. Conversely, be careful with your Speed Ups! ADM is all about strategy, and that includes deciding when to use Teleports and Speed Ups.
  • If you see players with multiple marches out try and “back door” them. That means burning them quickly while all their troops are occupied elsewhere.
  • If you’re having a hard time finding your opponents, go to the listing of players on your own team in the upper right corner. Poking their name will take you to them. Sometimes this is a good way to find your enemy as they will be trying to burn your buddies.
  • If possible get on voice coms. Whether that’s on LINE or Discord, it’s really helpful to utilize calls, especially during a Tournament.
  • Reinforce your teammates!

How to Win

You win Alliance Death Match in one of two ways:

  • Knocking all your opponents out.
  • Winning in point total if you get to the end of the match with players alive on both sides.

Alliance Deathmatch Tournament

This Tournament is a 2-week event that occurs approximately 4 weeks, beginning in August 2018. Each Tournament lasts 7 rounds, and the winner of each round is decided by which Alliance wins 2 of the 3 rounds. There is both a Premier bracket and a Champion bracket.

Alliance Deathmatch is an amazing opportunity to bond with your team, and smash other players without losing anything. Strategies and team cohesiveness for PvP gameplay in the kingdom will be developed and enhanced. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity as frequently as possible!

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