15 Packs to Gear Up Intermediate Players For Success

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The packs we choose make a huge difference in how our accounts grow. Choosing the right purchases can help you save resources in the long run. For new players who do not have the knowledge of more experienced players have, the choice of packs can sometimes be daunting.

In order, to help you as your Iron Throne Journey begins, we have created a list of 15 elite recommended packs for new players. We will cover why we chose each pack and where to find each pack in the Gold Store.

15 Elite Recommended Packs for New Players to Gear Up for Success

Players often ask, “what packs should I buy?” This is an important question as you do not want to put money and resources into packs that do not help you with your goals. However, for new players, we have 15 elite recommended packs to help you get started. Here we will cover each of these packs and why we recommend them.

Elite Recommended Pack Number One: 30 Day Daily Reward

This pack can be found under the “Recommended Packs Tab” in the Gold Store and is $10. This is a pack that pays out over time in daily rewards as you log in. This pack is going to give you Gold, Speed Ups, Resources, AP, and Auto Hunt Items for monsters. This is going to help you with your continual growth in the game and giving you a little of the resources you need on a daily basis. The value of the items in this pack is worth the money you put into it.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Two: Weekly Gold

This is a pack that can be found under the “Limited Time Tab” and can be purchased for $10 once a week. Gold is an item that can really help in game with reaching your goals. You are able to buy many things including Hero XP, Lord XP, Resources, VIP, Ports, March Speed Ups, and more. While we have recommendations about how you should spend your Gold before you can spend if you need it. While there is gold in every pack that you purchase the weekly gold pack gives a nice lump sum of gold that helps boost the amount you have.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Three: Weekly Majestic

This pack can be found under the “Limited Time Tab” in your Gold Store. It is in the grouping with the weekly gear chests. While there are many of these chests we recommend Majestic as one of the purchases you begin with.

Majestic Gear is the gear to have for combat. You are able to work towards obtaining this gear by killing higher level monsters. However, these weekly packs will help to boost the number of materials you have and work towards that majestic set even more quickly. By beginning to purchase these packs and build up your materials you will be able to work towards the goal of obtaining this gear.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Four: Weekly Glorious

This is another pack that can be found under the Limited Time Tab. It is another one of the weekly Gear Materials packs. Glorious Material is the best choice for Construction. Early on in building up, some of the lesser Construction Gears will do well. However, as you advance further into your build you will need better Construction Gear to save on money and speedups. You are able to get Glorious Chests through Events, however, once again we are going to use the Weekly Chests to help gain the Glorious Gear more quickly.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Five: Weekly Sagacious

This is another pack that can be found under the Limited Time Tab. This is the go-to gear for Research. Research is highly important in Iron Throne and decreasing the time it takes with gear is a huge help. Sagacious materials are able to be earned in events as well. However, the faster you obtain this gear the more you will be able to save when completing research.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Six: Weekly Alliance Package

This is a pack that has a tendency to be overlooked. However, there is a lot of value in spending $5 here. You not only get Alliance Speed Ups to help Alliance Research so you can receive the benefits from the Research your Alliance has completed buy you get AP and 100 Alliance Quest Refreshes. These Quest Refreshes will allow you to build up your Honor Points to spend in the Alliance Store. This will help you save gold and other currencies on these items. You are able to purchase a multitude of items from your Alliance Shop to help in your progress. In addition, you will also be getting other rewards from completing these quests.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Seven: Fore New Beginnings II

This Pack can be found under the Recommended Tab in the Gold Store. It gives a little bit of gold and a common Alliance Gift. However, the real value in this pack is the Achievement Rewards. Upon purchasing this every five levels you receive a reward. As you open each chest you will receive the rewards and the chest for the next reward.

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Elite Recommended Pck Number Eight: For New Beginnings III

This pack can also be found under the Recommended Tab in your Gold Store. This pack is purely for the permanent Boosts it contains for Construction, Research, Training, Gathering, Production and Mass Transportation. These are functions that you will be completing a lot as you continue on your journey in the game. So having permanent boosts to help you along your way is something that you will definitely want.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Nine: Growth Package

This pack can be found under the Recommended Tab in your Gold Store. It is part of a series of packs that we recommend. However, in order to be able to open some of the later packs, you must purchase the earlier packs. This first one in the series will give some nice gold, Hunter’s Gear, and some Speed Up items to help you get started. It also unlocks our next recommended pack.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Ten: Massive Tier V Troops Pack

The next pack in this series is the Massive Tier V Troops Pack. This pack has Resources and Speed Up items. However, it also has AP and Tier V troops. This is a great way to start building your Army and it gives you troops that you can use on Chaotic Strongholds and Defiled Strongholds while you work on building up to unlock those troops. Chaotic Strongholds are a great way to be able to get Resources and other rewards. Purchasing this unlocks our next Recommended Pack.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Eleven: Fast Growth Pack

This is the next pack in the series. This pack is great to boost your VIP and Lord Level. In addition, it has a ton of resources and speed up items. This is a great pack on its own for those items. However, it also opens the next pack in the series that we recommend.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Twelve: Amazing Deal Package I

This is the final pack we recommend in this series. This pack has Boosts that are going to help you exponentially. It also has a full Conqueror Set, Lord XP, Special Materials, Speedups, AP, and Resources. These items will help you grow and help you to be able to hit higher level monsters so you can continue to gather materials for the gear that you need.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Thirteen: Basic Complete Materials Pack

This pack can be found under the Special Tab and is available to be purchased once a week. In this pack, you will find Construction Speed Up Items and Resources. However, the biggest value in this pack is the Special Materials. In order to be able to level up some of your buildings you will need these items and relying on Gold to purchase them will quickly deplete your gold supply. This pack is a great place to get some of these materials and begin to further level up your buildings.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Fourteen: Weekly Resource Comprehenssive Pack

This pack can be found under the Limited Time Tab. It gives a significant amount of each Resource to be used in Construction, Research and Crafting.

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Elite Recommended Pack Number Fifteen: Weekly Speed Up Package

This pack can also be found in the same sequence as the Resources Package above, and is meant to be complimentary. While the Resource packs gives the RSS, this pack brings the Speed Ups.

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Bonus Recommendations: Watch for Specials

Occasionally packs have released that blow all of the other packs out of the water. Keep an eye out for these special packs and how they can help you. If you need more help choosing what packs to buy be sure to check our budget article.

However, these fifteen elite recommended packs will give you a solid start for only $200 Dollars. Be sure to use events and other rewards to be able to extend your packs as far as possible.

For more advice on spending, head to our guide The Best Beginner Packs to Set Your Base Up for Success.

Do you have any tips or comments? Let us know!

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